Established in 1993, CPAWC is a consortium of 23 public agencies in Washington County and includes a number of public agencies in adjoining counties. The consortium focuses on two main efforts: public works equipment sharing and combined training opportunities. By working collaboratively we share resources and skills resulting in cost savings and increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Examples of equipment available from members include bucket trucks, variable message boards, paving machines, road graders, and other specialized equipment that not every agency can afford or justify to possess on their own.

Examples of coordinated training include ODOT’s Road Scholar courses, fork-lift certification, supervisory and leadership topics, new equipment operation, and flagger certification.

In 2018, CPAWC became a 501.c.3 non-profit organization. Annual dues are used to maintain the CPAWC Website, partially fund training opportunities and minimal administrative costs. Membership into CPAWC is voluntary and available only to publicly-funded public agencies (local government and special districts such as water, sewer and fire, school districts, road authorities, etc.).

CPAWC representatives are available to present information about the Cooperative to neighborhood and community groups, City Councils, Boards and Commissions. For more information or to have someone to make contact with you, please visit the Contact Us page and submit a request. CPAWC maintains several working committees to coordinate resources, information, and training opportunities.

  • Fleet Committee: regular meeting for fleet management persons, discuss purchasing coordination, maintains list of equipment available for member-borrowing
  • Storm/Sanitary Committee: provides water collection system information, presents Fall leaf season collection information
  • Training/Workshop Committee: identifies training opportunities, plans and coordinates annual workshop
  • Emergency Committee: maintains relationships with emergency managers, provides information to EOC/DOC regarding CPAWC situation status and resource needs, attends Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization meetings, presents grant requests for equipment







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